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Transforming Your Basement into Livable Spaces!


We understand that certain times of the year can limit outdoor activities. So, have you considered a basement remodeling project? A finished basement can serve as a versatile space, whether you envision an office, a premium home bar, a theater room, a gym, or a retreat for yourself or your children. It has the power to revolutionize your home’s layout.

At Green Design Build Remodeling, we offer a range of remodeling and renovation services to help turn your dream rooms into reality. As your all-in-one solution for basement renovations in St Louis, IL, we have expertise in dealing with a variety of spaces. Our process begins with an initial conversation to understand your project goals. From there, our skilled team will work with you to determine a suitable timeline and budget, considering waterproofing needs, appropriate materials for your basement, interior design enhancements to optimize your space, and more.

Elevate your basement with the assistance of our top-notch remodeling contractors in St Louis, IL. We listen to and understand your specific requirements, ensuring functionality and accessibility. With our focus on meeting unique needs and preferences, we incorporate the best and most creative designs to bring your vision to life.

Why Choose Green Design Build Remodeling for Your Basement Renovation?

Prepare to be amazed by our fresh and innovative ideas at every turn. Our trained professionals possess an unparalleled understanding of your taste and preferences. They utilize their creativity to design basement interiors, ranging from themed spaces to elegant settings.

Key Qualities We Offer:

  • A comprehensive solution for all your remodeling and renovation needs
  • Competitive pricing without compromising on work quality
  • Holistic project management approach
  • Clear and detailed project requirements
  • A team of top interior decorators, designers, and contractors in St Louis, IL
  • Safe and secure project execution

We prioritize timely delivery of basement renovation and remodeling projects while upholding our commitment to high-quality services. Our professionalism is reflected in every aspect, from our design techniques to our skilled craftsmanship. Expect nothing less than consistent, outstanding results, as we ensure stringent material and project execution standards.

Discover the Best Attributes of Green Design Build Remodeling:

We leave no room for dissatisfaction. Our dedicated team, combined with the expertise of the best interior designers, delivers unique designs tailored to your preferences.

  • On-time Services: We adhere to deadlines and complete the remodeling and renovation process as promised. Our project management skills offer transparency and timely completion.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: By utilizing lean principles and modular execution, we minimize wastage, delays, and project costs. Experience the effectiveness of our services, providing real-time results.

Experience Professional Basement Renovation Services in St Louis, IL

We would be delighted to guide you through our basement remodeling services in St Louis, IL, explaining what could work best for your space. Our experienced staff is available to offer design and finishing ideas, ensuring your finished basement is a comfortable living space. When you’re ready to begin, our focus is to deliver premium improvements that expand your living area and enhance your home’s value. We strive to make home improvement and remodeling projects as stress-free as possible for homeowners.


Ready to transform your basement into a livable and inviting space? Green Design Build Remodeling is prepared to embark on your project. Contact us today at (800) 741-6056 to initiate the conversation about your project. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form to request an initial consultation. Trust our expertise to make an informed decision and bring your vision to life!