Symphony Landscaping

Custom Cabinetry

Design The Difference

At Olympus Outdoor, we are dedicated to fostering collaborative relationships and open dialogues with our clients. Throughout our years of experience, these conversations have influenced our decision to offer custom cabinetry services. Custom cabinetry provides us with the flexibility to create precisely what our clients desire, offering a wide range of finishes, shapes, and styles to choose from.

Every one of our projects is unique and individually crafted by the master woodworkers at Custom Wood Products. We have chosen to collaborate with Custom Wood Products due to their exceptional craftsmanship, which has upheld the highest standards of quality and integrity for years in the heartland of Missouri.

Benefits of CWP Custom Cabinetry

Completely Tailored to Your Preferences

Our range of wood and finish options is nearly limitless. Take the time to explore the numerous possibilities, and together, we can make choices that will truly enhance your new space.

Infinite Attention to Detail

It’s the finer details that can elevate each design to the next level. We provide a diverse array of specialized elements, including valances and paneled ends, as well as solutions for every organizational need.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

From the factory to your doorstep, your cabinetry is carefully wrapped in furniture blankets and handled with the utmost care. Rest assured, not a single piece of waste will be left behind in the process.